Herbs for Digestion & Gut Health

In Ayurveda, digestion, and the digestive fire, known as agni in Sanskrit, are considered fundamental to both health and illness. Agni is described not only as responsible for digestion but also as the creative force behind all life.

Mainstream attention on digestive health supplements, such as probiotics, reflects a growing interest in supporting gut health. However, Ayurveda approaches this differently, emphasizing the consumption of easily digestible foods and eating according to one's dosha type. Ayurveda also utilizes herbs to promote digestive health.

Improving Gut Health

Digestion is influenced by both what and how we eat. A healthy Ayurvedic diet focuses on incorporating fresh, prana-rich foods suitable for individual doshas to promote toxin elimination and balance in the gut. Additionally, herbs, spices, and gut health supplements play a vital role in stimulating robust digestion and creating a healthy gut environment.

Herbs for Digestion

Plants, like humans, possess a form of digestive fire through photosynthesis, which can support our own agni. Ayurvedic herbs for digestion can be stimulating, such as ginger, or soothing, like fennel. Understanding one's dosha type helps determine the appropriate herbs for gut health.

Vata dosha, characterized by erratic appetite and weak digestion, benefits from pungent and stimulating herbs such as cumin and pippali. Vata Digest is a recommended formula containing heating herbs to enkindle vata's digestive fire.

Pitta dosha tends to have strong digestion, sometimes overly so, and benefits from cooling and soothing herbs like guduchi, coriander, and licorice, found in Pitta Digest tablets.

Kapha dosha, with its slower digestion, benefits from pungent and stimulating herbs like pippali, ginger, and black pepper, as found in Kapha Digest, a classic Ayurvedic formula known as Trikatu.

Easy to Digest Foods

An Ayurvedic diet emphasizes foods that are gentle on the stomach. Khitchari, made of dal and rice, is praised for its digestibility and is often recommended during cleansing periods. vaidhyasar offers a variety of organic spices, dals, lentils, and basmati rice to support digestive health.

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